The CorinCorn production site in Moscow is equipped with modern and unique (custom-made) automated lines for the production of any ready-made popcorn and microwave popcorn. This equipment has no analogues in the Russian Federation and allows you to produce products with the world level of the quality. Being the absolute leader in the Russian popcorn market, CorinCorn successfully develops international markets and supplies products to the UK, Germany, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, and Mongolia.

The high quality of CorinCorn products allows us to successfully distribute popcorn both under our own brands and to produce privat label (CTM) products with mandatory external audits.
CorinCorn partners are leading retailers and distribution companies of the Russian snack market: X5 Retail Group, METRO Cash & Carry, SPAR Russia B.V., SEVCO Holding, GUM and many others.

When developing CTM projects, CorinCorn is guided primarily by the needs of Partners and offers its experience and knowledge to achieve maximum results: development of an assortment matrix and original recipes, advice on the choice of packaging and design solutions.
CorinCorn is ready to implement CTM partnership program for any technical task of any corn snack: popcorn ready for microwave cooking, nachos chips, baked corn kernels.